Bramati’s Seatbelt

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Republished from original July 9 post on Tumblr 

“Caught” celebrating – on in-car team footage – after Tony Martin’s s stage 4 win, Etixx director Davide Bramati got a stockade sentencing by… whoever is in charge of stupid rules at Le Tour. He was not allowed to drive either team caravan car during Stage 6, or even ride in the trunk. Or backseat. With a seatbelt. There are probably three different sets of rules that could apply – French, UCI, and race promoter – but seriously?

Professional cycling already has enough, really stupid issues to contend with. It looks unprofessional every day without extra help. But here we are. Closed road. Laughably low speed. And freak disproportional “punishment.” Communiques have pages dedicated to fines for minor infractions like drafting too long in the caravan, illegal feeds, and you know, fistfights. Just don’t forget to put on your seatbelt because you might as well go home.

This, of course, begs the question: who does the rule apply to? Clearly not the UCI’s own staff – race commissars spend more time sticking out sunroofs and sitting on convertible trunks than they do in actual car seats. Mechanics, presumably, are excluded as well (or I’ve been doing my job wrong this whole time. – Ed). Just Directors, then?

So these guys drive around with fifteen bikes on the roof, three cell phones, two radios, a television, a tablet streaming another race feed, mechanics hanging outside of the car, a back seat full of wheels, coolers, parts, beer,and rainbags….on closed roads and somebody is worried about seatbelts? How about this? He didn’t stuff a rider into the fence, so he gets a free pass.