The Little Book of Excuses

I’m starting a new feature. There’s a guy on my team that makes the sometimes unwise decision to attend group rides with a few of his faster peers. They We are sometimes frequently unkind. When he gets dropped we love to point it out. He offers up a one liner to rationalize the performance, we laugh, then look forward to the next creative self-assessment of athletic prowess. He’s a good sport, but there’s a little bit of That Guy in all of us. Every ride has that one unfortunate soul. Sometimes it’s just a bad day, but sometimes the droplet says something so unique that it’s practically Hall of Fame material  It’s about time somebody started immortalizing these gems.

Date: Sunday, 17 June

Ride: Great Falls loop from Reston Town Center, approximately 1.5 hours.

The Drop: Ben, fading on the power climbs. A victim of the merciless egos of the ride leaders, bent on winning Sunday glory while half the fast guys were hours away at the Washington County Stage Race.

The Excuse: “I went running yesterday.” To be fair, he did go on a running date. But who does that?